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just close your eyes, honey. let the moments melt away. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[Friday, December 23rd, @ 1:00pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

I guess we all now have a new hatrid for the Holidays. Sigh.

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Wow. [Thursday, December 22nd, @ 1:20pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Um, boy. [1:19 PM]: you eradicate these fake cunts from the face of the earth

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[Wednesday, December 21st, @ 6:17pm]
I can't do this on my own.
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Introduction? [Wednesday, December 21st, @ 4:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, my name is Sam. And I'm 15. ♥ I'm a bi polar with a box cutter. PHEARME!111, hah. I live in Fuckborn, Ohio and a kinda' sorta' bang up job foster home. I go to Baker, hurray. But mainly skip, how hard core of me. I adore; Janelle, Michelle, Nip, Priscilla, Tearrie B, Jessicka Fodera, Jeffree Star, Chloe, Bjork, and this transvestite boy named Danny. That's as far as the loved ones go, I'm quite closed in, and I refuse to go outside those people. I love music, and art. I think the act of consumation is art. The way I do my make up screams, " 15 going on 30 and HIV positive ". No, I am not an AIDS ridden hooker. Not that people with AIDs are usually hookers, so take no offense. I have back ally tattoos, and I am extremely blunt. I absolutly love acid trips and Kurt Cobain. I hate people that fake illnesses for a trend. Way to get your cut throat by me. =] I don't have favorite bands or any of that, I adore all music with the exception of pop and rap, but it's brilliant to dance to. I give props to Marilyn Manson for creating a whole industry of cunt rags that stand around Hot Topic with cool eye liner down their face -or- blue contacts in. Mansonites can blow me, but I don't mind Mr. Warner. I don't doubt his brilliance in anyway, and I do miss 'Spooky Kids' days. I don't believe in a higher power, but I'd like to claim a religion and slap it on my profile, ha. I have nothing against christians/jews/catholics, but do NOT push your bull shit on me. I may be 15, but I will not take your shit, so don't expect me to. I'm quite vulgar and sexual, my mouth is filthy and I call it as I see it. This journal might become friends only, but a heads up? If you can't handle vulgarity and sexuality of a little girl? I suggest you move on. I don't really claim a style, but if I did? It'd be fetish. I get cheap thrills out of wearing corsetts in public and fishnets. I also love 50's style. As far as drugs go? I do morphine. I've done other things involving syringes. Ain't it a shame to see my youth pissed away? Media bull shit? We already covered I don't have a favorite band. I don't watch much TV, really. And movies? Zombies are love, anything involving them makes me orgasm. ♥ My favorite movie would have to be Elephant. Ohmygod, insert Orgasm over that movie here. I'm not very interesting, but thanks for reading this. ♥

runways are the same as rape are the same as photoshoots while you stick those fingers so deep down my [godhelpmeit'sthroatisn'tit?] and pry open those lips for a smile you never built me for. flickers from cameras sum up to some memories and every pose has to be a sick joke but i'll do it because even with skinned knees to a linoleum floor among dopefeind whores
I still.
look better.
- jeffree star.

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;D [Wednesday, December 21st, @ 3:14pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Test entry, doll babies. ♥

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